Regardless of the brief it is our policy to provide likely estimates of outlays and fees at each stage of proceedings.

In debt matters our fees are based on an affordable sliding scale determined by the number, quality and type of debts, and whether we have been instructed to recover money, assets or property. The age of the debt is also material.

We will also discuss fees for contingencies such as:

  • A cash flow management service through our related companies
  • A sliding board scale based on the amount of the debt
  • The level of fees in the event that the debt is defended.

In assessing our fees, our object is to provide our clients with real value for money and ensuring a continuing partnership.

In the small number of matters where a defence is entered, we will request your instructions, and will advise you of likely costs.

To Lodge Instructions With Linton Pitt Lawyers.

The following is far from exhaustive, but this is what we will need:

  • Debtor’s full name (s) and address / registered office
  • State of the account – statement / consumer credit documentation, etc
  • The steps taken so far – has there been any correspondence ? Is there a dispute ? What is the nature of the dispute ?
  • Security for the debt – is there a Guarantee ? Charges over land or goods?