Trust deeds can be prepared quickly and professionally.

Types of trusts:

Family Discretionary Trusts

The trustee can be a company or natural person. In our precedents beneficiaries are defined widely to include companies and trusts in which the “principal” is a director or shareholder. The trustee can be a beneficiary. Includes sample minutes.

Unit Trusts

The trustee can be a company or natural person. So that the deed can be established quickly, the deed provides for one initial unit-holder. Includes sample minutes and register of unit-holders for assistance of accountants. Additional units are easily issued.

Hybrid Trusts

This is two discretionary trusts in one. Requires equal division between two “principals” or families, with the discretionary aspect applying within those families.

Notes about trusts:

Stamp duty: $200.00 if the trust has no assets ($2 for copies). Accountants should make sure that any transfer of assets to the trust occurs after the day of formation of the trust.

Litigation and Trusts: disputes sometimes arise between unit-holders, partners, joint venturers, co-trustees. Accountants should feel free to telephone if they have any enquiries in this regard.

Taxation of Trusts: we do not give tax advice unless specially briefed by an accountant.

Other Trusts: we also accept instructions to prepare charitable trusts for churches, educational and historical foundations, also fixed trusts for nominees to hold land or shares in trust for another person. Please telephone for a quote.